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Environmental Policy

We all share this earth, and it's important that we each have a responsibility to keeping it clean and beautiful for years to come. At Probst Camera Inc. We take several steps to minimize the environmental impacts of our business.


We use all recyclable packing materials, and ship items in the smallest box possible. Our primary shipping carrier is the United States Postal Service who boasts the least environmentally impactful fleet of any of the major carriers, thanks to their generally smaller vehicles and that they deliver mail to almost every address in the United States daily, so packages have very little additional impact. 

For times in which we have to ship UPS, DHL, or FedEx we always use their carbon neutral service options, to offset our carbon footprint. These services generally work by these shipping carriers calculating the carbon emissions of their carbon neutral shipments annually, then buying and equivalent number of "carbon offsets".


Chemicals and Development Services:

As many are aware the development of film requires chemicals that are harmful to the environment in large quantities, as well exhausted chemicals can contain silver deposits, silver is considered a "transition metal" and while silver itself is not considered to be toxic, most of its salts are poisonous due to the anions present.

We are always committed to the safe disposal of all development chemicals, we package all used chemicals and they are transported to a certified hazardous materials disposer. We will never dispose of these chemicals in a drain.

We also make sure to recycle the other disposable parts of film, such as the film canister, cartridges, the spool, and single-use-camera bodies. 

Cartridges: Film cartridges along with the grommets on the top and bottom are sent to a metal recycler.

Canisters/Spools: Film canisters and spools are sorted and recycled according to the types of plastic.

Single-Use-Camera Bodies: Single use cameras are sent in bulk to a certified recycler who further sorts them and often times they are returned to the manufacturer to be re fitted with film and often sold again! Here's a video of how fujifilm recycled cameras in the late 90's.


We are always committed to reducing our environmental impact, if you have questions or suggestions, let us know at